My favourite poem

This poem is called Talking Turkeys and it’s by Benjamin Zephaniah. I like this poem because it is funny and it shows a turkey from two points of view – as something which could be a pet rather than just something which end up on your plate. I like the way he performs it in a Jamaican accent and the way he uses rhythm. I’ve always liked Benjamin Zephaniah’s poems because they are humorous and they make you want to read more. I like to read them because they remind me of how good poetry can be and they make me want to read more poems.


4 thoughts on “My favourite poem

  1. I like the poem ‘if’ by Kipling (I think).
    It is written on the wall at Wimbledon
    So the players read it before going on to court. I think he was giving advice to his son. He might have been thinking about men in wars or battles, but it suits sport…
    All about men being men!!
    If you could think of a new line, you’d be
    Poet my son…

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